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paul barnes
cumbria, United Kingdom
Born on October 15, 1962.
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Blues : Blues Rock
World : New Age
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About Me
i play guitar in a band called off the hook ,its a blues rock type of band, i have been playin the guitar for about 34 years and love it just as much now as i did then
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Liked Morten Gjermundsen's song Dark Ages. Dec 24, 2014
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PLATEAU   this is a live practice...its a group i was in called plateau in 1985..other members were
Ian Rowwell ...bass
Frank Hall .....drums
Steve Altringham...keyboards
Brian Hodgson guitar and vocals
Buzz Elliot has kindly done the video for it and added vocals over the top cos the wernt really clear..it was recorded on a tape deck using the internal mic
Brian and Buzz are still playing in great band called Hammerhead...check them out

cocnut blues club   just a word to say theres a great new club opened with 3 SC artists every night ...please go and visit Jude..here and let her know youve been
my space   i,m also on myspace as well please visit me there its
Alan L Cole
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Update: Thanks for being a friend Paul - it's my honor! ______________________________________________________ Saw you on Morten's page and stopped by to say hi and to say you are a awesome guitarist Paul! 1st track I heard was your "SC Forum Jam" - so beautifully emotive.
Morten Gjermundsen
Wow! You're on soundclick!! :D :D :D I've not been around here much lately... Merry christmas and happy holiday season ShredMeister!!!!! Best wishes to you and Linda. Hope santa brings some nice old vintage Gibsons and Martins to you :D All the best!!!
Morten Gjermundsen
Morten Gjermundsen
:D HAPPY NEW YEAR SHREDMEISTER!!! :D Enjoy some beer and remember to Crank it up! Hell yeah!! :D :D :D Best wishes for 2016
Morten Gjermundsen
Merry christmas and happy holiday season to you and Linda :)
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