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Jeremy G
Santa Rosa, CA  USA
Born on January 13, 1966.
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Rock : Garage Rock
Analog Garage- mining that classic sound with anachronistic recording equiptment; our special way of saying fuck you to all you pro tooled, synthetic rockers.
Rock : Garage Rock
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About Me
I am secure in this world of apartheid This is my cell but it's connected to starlight. Five months from fifty I live among friends, I feed errant cats I meet all my ends
Recent Activity
Liked VMP (USA)'s song Heyday. Jul 31, 2013
vmp 07 Thanks a bunch for adding the girls tune to your station, it means a lot. Had a quick listen too, you sound awesome. :)
PatrickLew Hey I got your email. Sorry I didn't get back, family was in town earlier.
Email me again more about the process and etc. :)
R.cook Hey Man How have u been?
Man i been busy..work and the new life of fatherhood which is great
Had some computer problems, but they r now fixed
I have a few new songs that im working on
I just uploaded a new one called down down down
Talk to ya later man
Take care
-GHOST- aka Stereo Spirit
PatrickLew Might need some help writing Beatles "Merseybeat" style kind of songs for my new band Bayshore Echoes. Maybe you can help me out, Jeremy. :)
Also, how you been man?
Reason is, I am trying some experimenting musically outside of my punk-based Pop Metal sound. For me doing my new venture.
PatrickLew Well Antioch is a pretty rural small town in the East Bay. Kind of like surburbia, with too many McDonalds and fast food places. Definitely not San Francisco for me. But I dig it. ;)
Yeah I been getting guitar lessons lately from a friend from school Brian, he has a Soundclick.
I also been writing a lot of Instrumental Rock lately. Check this new baby if you have time. It's an epic 8-minute hard rock song.
Yeah, I think my musical tastes are pretty LA Glam Metal. Something the Bay Area is not really associated with. Because Green Day and pop punk bands came from Gilman, and Bay Area thrash metal like Metallica. Maybe, I'm unique. Since I am the only guy doing Grunge or 1980s Classic Rock in the Bay!
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