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RamónT Berenguer
Alicante, Spain
Born on January 22, 1970.
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Latin : General Latin
Ramon T. Berenguer: Instrumental Spanish & Latin Music
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About Me
Twitter: @Legran Facebook Official: Legran Studio "Bad Romance" A Ramon T. Berenguer Cover for the famous song of Lady Gaga LEGRAN Latin & Spanish Music 2006-2015©Ramon T. Berenguer Productions
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LEGRAN Reproductor Mp3!  

Inauguramos la nueva Legran.es   Para mis amigos de Soundclick:

Quiero invitaros a que os paséis por la nueva www.legran.es y me digáis qué os parece. Estas son algnas de las novedades principales:

Noticias de Portada: Ahora he incorporado una pestaña en cada noticia que me permitirá ir incluyendo vuestros comentarios (aunque de forma manual).

Tenemos una sección nueva de descargas "La Fonoteca de Secuencias" enfocada a los nuevos realizadores y directores amateurs.

Hemos ampliado nuestro proyecto "World Station Radio" -en el que estáis muchos de vosotros- que sigue funcionando muy bien en Myspace.

Y más cosas, que ...
EUROVISION 2009 SONG CONTEST Vote for Legran Orchestra   Dear friends of Soundclick:

This year we have submitted as a candidate for Spain at Eurovision Song Contest 2009. The voting system allows all users to perform up to 5 votes per day for each email, then one has to check in the mail inbox.

We ask you to support us in the voting! To vote visit:
TVE EUROVISION - Legran Orchestra (Music & Video)

Ramon – Legran Orchestra
Spanish & Latin Music • www.legran.es
Hi Ramon T. Vote for our video HURRICANE :-) http://www.realmusic.ru/video/?period=month&sortBy=rating
Hi Ramon How are you ?. Hope you ok. I have new version of my songs.. Hope you like. All the best... :-) http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=1052147
Hello friends and fans all over the world. I am proud to announce my latest production "Solo" which brings the essence of my feelings to the most simple of levels. A love affair between my voice and the guitar. In this new album I wanted to highlight the pain and joy of being in love and also the greatest love that one feels for the mother land. I hope that you enjoy these songs and please send your feedback. Your words of encouragement feed my fire for the music. Love always! Visit my page at http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=929849
Pedro Medina B
Hey Ramon Legran, FELIZ AÑO 2010 UN ABRAZO DE CORAZON J.B.Muro
Karen Stewart
Hello Legran, :O) ... I'm thinking your opening tune on your site here is gonna help me get my supper cooked & housework done faster this evening~ All the best! Cheers, Karen Stewart
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