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Nashville, TN  USA
Born on January 9, 1957.
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About Me
Christian Blues is evangelistic. It's for non-conformist seekers of Truth... bikers, IRS agents, hookers, workin' stiffs just tryin' to survive - all dem folks JESUS spent HIS time with. KAZKILL gives real music to real people about real HOPE!

Brothers Bo & Dabo Kazkill pastor an urban church in Nashville, Tennessee and do Christian Blues anyplace dey can. You could put `em both in a bucket and there'd not be enuff money to buy the water to drown `em but O da boyz iz livin' to the max and enjoyin' life every day. Spiritual Blues ain't for everybody - `specially if you like big ticket Gospel Music but if'n you don't... you may like KAZKILL. Bo & Dabo been discovering therz a whole segment of folks who cut their teeth on Rock-N-Roll, they're too old now to like the young folks CCM but ain't old enough to like traditional Gospel neither! Christian Blues iz fer all dem folks who may have a little snow on the roof but still gots fire in da furnace! May God richly bless y'all as you draw near Him! KAZKILL available @ CD Baby & ChristianBlues.net -www.indieheaven/artists/kazkill www.kazkill.com

The Outhouse - Part I  
Mama Willadean, "The Mississippi Songbird", booked this gig for her and her boys. Some cousin of a cousin of a friend had called her and she gave her standard reply... "Sure sister, we'll come!"... "Now Willadean, we cain't afford to pay y'all but we'll take a love offering and y'all `ll get the whole thing - unless of course, ya wanna give it back to God's work". That's always a red flag for me and makes me wonder if these folks think we're just chopping liver. Mama never seems to notice.
We'd already missed it once and had to back-track several miles before we found the place. It was on ...
The Outhouse - Part II  
Mind you... this was all his doing, I was merely an innocent bystander. A few minutes later the door rattled. There was a brief pause - then it rattled again. Another pause and this time the door shook, and it shook, and it shook. Pumph... the sound of a body slamming against wood... pumph - pumph - "Help!"
"Boys! - Boys? - Can ya hear me? - Help! - I'm locked in this outhouse! - Help!"
By this time we were crying. I never knew laughing could hurt so bad. Between sobs we heard a car pull in the drive so we ran and hid in the bushes. O no... it was the preacher. That poor fella had to be 80 ...
Exploding Squirrel  

There are certain laws of physics that can't be denied. "In the beginning God created..." and God created in unchanging ways. God created water to exist in 3 forms - liquid, gas and solid. That's a great thing. Because of it we can pour Kool-ade into ice trays, freeze it and have koolickles.

Cold is the absense of heat - dark is the absence of light - always was, always will be. That last physical law awes me. An area can be totally dark but as soon as a light's turned on darkness is dispelled or defeated or overcome - however ya wanna say it. Happens every time... try it. My Bible tells me,

john williams 68
Hello Bo & Dabo, Sorry I'm late, but I was very busy. I hope you have had also a beautiful Holidays. Keep it country, John.
I Pray that God will bless you more than ever before in 2008 Stay Strong , Play Loud & Pray Often Tweak
Ho Ho Ho it's the weekend cuz may you have a Holly Jolly one. Happy Holiday's Merry Christmas & Happy New Year :) to you and your family.
Howdy Boyz Just wishing ya a Merry Christmas May God Bless ya'll real good in the New Year Now load some NEW TUNES Stay Strong, Play Loud & Pray Often Tweakdaddy
Ya'll Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Later Tweak
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