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jacksonville, fl  USA
Born on August 18, 1968.
My collection of sonic abuse
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Rock : Instrumental Rock
a collection of sonic abuse
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About Me
Hello Everyone ! Im Tom and SumoftheDaze is a collection of song ideas , works in progress and such that i record when i have time . my apologies for the quality . im really workin on that and hope to have some new versions or material out soon . i appreciate the kind words and encouragement . SC has been quite an inspiration
Recent Activity

Hey Tom, greetings from OKC. Thx for taking the time to listen to "Comets rule the sky" I'm glad you liked it! Thx again. Vic Gaston/GASTON
Thanks for the kind words on the Bond tune Tom! had a blast as always! Have an awesome day my friend!
Hey Tom doing a drive by to say howdy and wish you a kick ass weekend cuz !
Hi Tom Thanks for the ad! Good to have you on my list of friends. All the best Falch
vmp 07
Hey Tom, Sounding real good, I been rocked! Wanted to thank you for the FB kindness, it means a lot to know someone out there cared enough to listen. Have a cool remainder to the weekend! :)
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