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Steve Missall
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Rock : Christian Rock
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About Me
Hi...I am a Worshipper, Worship Leader and a Songwriter. I have been playing guitar since....ahhhhhh 1978. That makes me young right ??? I am an ex-metal head from the 80's. I used to play in a metal group in the 80s, then God turned my life around once I gave it to Him. What an awesome journey it has been over the years. I'll tell you about it sometime. My family and I moved to the greater Franklin, TN area because God said to be here. He is getting ready to do an awesome work here and I can't wait for it. Actually, He'll do an awesome work in us everyday if we'll let Him. OUCH...I am preaching to MYSELF here !!! You can check out my website at www.stevemissall.com
Steve, really enjoyed your video!!! GLORY!!!! YOU LOOK GOOD, SOUND GOOD!!! I'm so glad that you are using your talents for the Kingdom of God!!! We've missed ya round here!! So glad to hear that you are BUSY busy busy in TN!!! That is such a blessing to hear!!!! It's all good!!! In His Love Von
sorry it's taken me a while to reply.. the guild is a songbird custom :) but they all look pretty similar thru that soundhole don't they?
Rich Hunter
Hey Steve, Thanks for stopping by to visit, and welcome to SC. You'll find lot's of talent around here, and good people too. Nice rendition of "My Country..." Some of my relatives in Wales periodically remind me that the music to that tune was 'stolen' (God Save The Queen), I think our version is so much more meaningful, but I'm just a biased native Californian. "Back Of Your Cross", very moving. I'm more 'spiritual' than 'religious' nowdays, but the message is clear. Pleasure to meet you. Take Care, Rich
Hey Man, just wanted to stop by and say hello. We should do coffee sometime..oh, actually we're doing it now... Steve
Hey Steve, Just heard your new one...I'm feeling it. Very good rendition. Added it to my Radio Heaven. Your timing's good too since July 4 will be here in no time!!! Hey I see you've met Von...is she stalking you??? haha...just kiddin' around. ;) I know she loves your music and turned me on to ya. Glad she did too. I look forward to what you do next so be sure to let me know. Don't be a stranger now... In His love, Diane
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