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heronimo sehmi
London, N10 3QT  United Kingdom
Born on October 5, 1947.
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Alternative : Avant Rock
jNEWS Joshuah All copyright and song ownership of all my material past and present,photo's,lyrics etc... and material on this site is the sole uncondition
Classical : Classical General
Classic piano improvised music.
Podcasts : Religious
Podcasts : Religious
Yehudah Pritt Sehmi sings Songs of Moshe
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About Me
husband, father, grandfather- actor- director
Recent Activity
Liked the band/artist Dr.Harpal Rao. Jan 2
Yehudah Pritt Sehmi sings in Jerusalem   Yehudah Pritt Sehmi in Concert with Friends. If You are in Jerusalem pop into our show its inexpensive but superb music.cocerts take place at -see picture. hope you can zoom in
Yehudah Pritt Sehmi sings Jerusalem   Some Great Acts - If You are in Jerusalem- come and join us in a nite of superb music hosted by Yehudah Pritt Sehmi
Yehudah Pritt Sehmi sings   If you are in Jerusalem pop in to Mikes Place and listen to some great music. See you all there.
Thanks for adding my music to your station cuz have a kick ass week !
Thomas C Roth
Hello heronimo and it is nice to meet you Thank you for adding the song (Its Our Time Off For Good Behavior ) to your station ( heronimo sehmi's station ) keep in touch Tom
Johnny Yellowheel
Heronimo .. your video and music "Sleeping with the Enemy" is just simply awsome. One of the nicest things I've come across in a while. Also wanted to thank you for adding "Tuesday Blue" to your fine station. We also just posted "Beyond Me" which might be right up your alley. Take care my Brother. Johnny Yellowheel
Thanks for adding "She Who Remembers" and "Jesse Lee" to your station. Much appreciated...glad you liked them!
Electric Shadow
We are back!! Songs of Moshe...what a wonderful song! Luv the heartfelt lyrics & the melody was beautiful! Simplisticly produced yet a very powerful song! Jerusalem...this song really feels alive : ) The guitar work is eloquent, the lyrics & vocals just blow us away! The spirit of conviction comes shining through. We stationed both songs!! have a beautiful week..Peace..J&C..~ES~
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