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Jacki Wheeler
Vancouver, WA  USA
Born on November 11, 1961.
My own artist page
Electronic : Electronica
Just me, my keyboard and computer, making music to move your feet!!
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About Me
I'm a Late Bloomer and proud of it!! Started piano at age 25, and I'm still playing (boy are my hands tired!!)! I love music with a strong melody and a killer beat, and I hope I've given you some of that here!!
New Places to Find Me!!   Hi - just wanted to let you know that I have set up widgets through reverbnation.com, and also MySpace and Facebook. Please stop by and show your support, and add yourself as a fan! Also, if you are on ReverbNation, please let me know - I'd like to come visit you as well!!

Keep making that great music!! Jacki :)
Friends are Friends Forever....   If you are a lyricist and you need someone to put music to words, please feel free to leave me a post on my page! You can also visit me on Facebook.

Star Blue
I haven't been around but I would sure love to hear from you. I got a new one up that is faster than normal and I need your advise if you could please. I hope to see you soon.
Just dropping by the wish you a very Merry Xmas, and a Happy Creative Musical New Year!
Star Blue
New Song -- New Band -- Katherine Scorzo aka Faunaserene and Darrell Johnson aka Star Blue Present: "Love is what I am talkin about" by Secret Mist http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=1067941
Star Blue
I would be honored to have you listen to Star Blue's new song "Earth Weeps" if you would be so kind. http://soundclick.com/share?songid=8978496 Mother Earth is weeping, she is not settled. Get ready for the rumble where ever it hits next. Thank you and you know I want to listen to whatever you create also and you need to let me know. Thank you, Darrell
new track called italo-darko. let me know what you think. peace!
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