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Debbie Henning
Born on September 1, 1958.
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Blues : Acoustic Blues
Debbie Henning is an acoustic blues and rock singer songwriter. She began playing guitar and fingerpicking at age 8 and has a unique style due to being self taught. SEVEN # 1's in genre at the former mp3.com
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Hey Debmo hows life girl hope times are good have a great week ;)
Hey Debmo whats up cuz just dropping by for a howdy and to wish you a kick ass weekend Rawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwk onnnnnnnnnn & Crank it up Can I Have A Hell Yeah ;)
Helloooooooooo Debmo... Long time, huh ? I just heard your rendition of "Nobody Loves You When You're Down & Out" on Robby's station... Excellent ! Take Care ! Demon
Hey Debmo what up good to seeya around soundclick again ;) Have a great thursday !!!
Hi Deb, I'm really sorry to hear about your mom. Our timing freaks me out a little. play on
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