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Mike Hamamoto
M.!.C-- Man In Christ
Union City, CA  USA
Born on April 20, 1985.
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HipHop : Hip Hop General
HipHop : Hip Hop General
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About Me
Hey everyone, my name is Michael, but must call me M.i.C, MoDow, 4twenty, young hyphy, or DUB if you from the East Bay. I'm a hip-hop artist, started my rap game from my writing and poetry. I was born in 85', eighties baby!!! LoL, I've had only one previous album (titled: I'm Geeked off, stamped and pressed in2006), but that was a much younger, and different type of hip-hop/rap that I was spittin' about. anyways, I just started to really getting into making my own beats. I've been in tha rap game for going on 8 years, but up intel recently it was more of a 2ed life for me. What changed you might ask? Well I was attending my church a year ago (before I had a mishap with the local PD), and I had got really really deep with these two young and upcoming hip-hop christian pentecostal artist. Both just dumpin' with crazy amounts of untapped talent, and just overall general positive enthusiasmus towards the love of song writing and music. So I'm going to be starting not just working on my new album but I will be doing some you tube broadcasts of some songs I wanna mixtape over. Anyways Much Love And God Bless to you all out there. Hit me up if your interested in hearing some samples I got, or if you need a hip-hop artist that's onpoint ontime and loves to make music. 5105164382.
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Union City, CA 
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