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Mike Hamamoto
M.!.C-- Man In Christ
Union City, CA  USA
Born on April 20, 1985.
Stressed out??? Don't go gettin yourself Swiss Cheesed Up!!!!
Aug 31, 2012
Man crazy thing happened the other night, was outside of Yoshi's having a smoke, and lightweight freestyle n with my fokes and some other fokes that where there at the time, when all the sudden a over intoxicated dumbass comes stumbling over to the group and processed to start set trippin' about what block we from and what block they from, and what block he from. He went on for like 10min yelling and crying, about dead homies, his baby momma, his wifey ,his momz, his car, his best homie sleepin with his other female on the side. I went in only after 3 mins of hearing the B.s. this man was tryin to spit, but my fokes stayed and listened to him for a min before the bouncer finally told dude to bounce. But he was going on and on about haven bi***es on the corner maken stacks for him and how he got the 4 bad and 4 bath in downtown oakland, and how he got crome and gold thang thangs, when this man had, number 1, only about 3 to 4 1/2 teeth in his mouth, number 2, he had what smelled like #2 all over him, and number 3, the block he was tryin ta truf ride on was outta pocket even for him to say.
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