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GinNger SparklezZz
Chicago, IL  USA
Born on June 29, 1982.
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Electronic : Tribal
Electric, Eccentric and Eclectic! Worldly Electronica, with Exotic flare!
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About Me
An Advocate for Dyslexia Awareness My Name is, Jennifer! Firstly, I am a Visual Artist. I also enjoy creating my own songs. In school I was a Choir Girl! I love to sing, and I play a little Keyboard too! I own a CASIO CTK-611 Synth(old but good)! I also play the Jaw Harp, Didgeridoo and a little Wooden Flute. I taught myself how to Program and Produce at the age of 18 or so. I've been writing my own dittys since I can remember. I've worked with many Artists from around the Globe and I love it! I just do it for fun and for the sake of creative expression! I hope you enjoy what you see & hear! And please feel free to take time and listen to some of the great music on my stations here!! (People that I do not know whom add me without a message, are looking to "hook up" or are spamming...will be denied. I'm here to have a good time, share my work & keep in touch with friends...and not randomly collect them. :P So, please respect that.) Peace Always!!! DL OUR ALBUM "A Ripple In My Ink" @ usimon.com
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To my friends here on SoundClick   Hi Friends,

I am sorry that my activity here has been yo-yoing for the past few months. I am going thru a very difficult time right now, and will be far less active then I have been. Something major has come up, with the health of a loved one and my focus is 100% on them. This situation has been very heart breaking for me. So for the time being, I will not have the time or the heart to put into anything creative(though making music is really just something I do for entertainment, anyway). But please know, I think of you all, my friends...and please feel free to drop a line and or send a ...
NEW Collab with Z!!   Check out "WATER" now on my page here!! With a slight 80's/early 90's Darkwave sound, It's good for dancing and roller skating! : ))
New Collab with Z   Hey everyone!

I have a new collab with Z posted at my page, if you like! Thanks!!
I keep stopping by in hope that I will hear from you again at some point. Where are you GinNger? Sending Love! Zest
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It's been 13 years approximately since we crossed paths on the internet, and, I still think of you when I'm looking for cool music! I wish you love, Peace and good things always. Even though we have lost touch, you are in my thoughts! Love you always, Zest
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Wow it's been almost a year since I last visited. Oh Ginnger...I just want to wish all good things always... It's been a long time since we crossed paths on the web....It was 10 years ago my friend....time has flown and here we are...still thinking of you as a dear supporter, musician and friend...We Love You! Peace, Zest
Michael Duran
Where are ya' Jenn?? how'ya doin? we miss ya'!! MD & FFP
zest radio show
Thinking of you in the most positive and beautiful way...just like you GinNger...Love & hugs, Zest
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