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Duane Rod
Ingleside, TX  USA
Born on August 10, 1957.
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Country : Christian Country
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About Me
I'm 56 years young, married to a wonderful wife for 34 years and doing my best to follow the Word of God in my everyday life. My rule for living is God first, family second, and all the rest third. I write songs, play a Seagull acoustic and an Epiphone Les Paul, pluck enough bass and play enough keyboard just to fill the song. To record I'm using Sonar XL2 Producer. Indie Music Promotion on Mixposure.com
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Liked David James's song Hank on the Radio (2). Jul 20, 2013
Liked David James's song What Can I Say. Jul 20, 2013
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John Kennedy
Happy New Year Duane!! Hope your Christmas was filled with the love of our Lord and God. Peace and Blessings to you and your family, Your brother in Christ Jesus, John
John Kennedy
Duane, Very lovely video about you and your wife's never ending love. Very hard to find these days, especially with all that is going on, on GOD'S planet. Enjoyed seeing you grow together and being blessed by the Lord. Was finally able to get another piece together titled In the beginning-GOD! Hope you will stop by for a listen. Love you brother and many blessing to you and your family. Peace and Blessings, Yours in Christ Jesus-Brother John
John Kennedy
WOW!! Duane, you have really done a great job on fixing up that video, it sounds awesome and the video it self is spot on the money for your message. What a wonderful work you have there. You know by now that I have cancer, and if not just click on my sound click members page and read my posts there. I have been able to put together one piece of music titled "Coming of the Lord", this past year. I hope you will get to enjoy the piece. Keep up the great work my brother. Yours in Christ always, Peace and Blessings, John
John Kennedy
Duane, See your still cooking up some good ole gospel music and giving praise to the Lord, awesome songs my brother. My new album is just about complete (needs a few edits here and there) and it is the first 12 songs on my soundclick music page. The album will be titled "Under Grace". Hope you will stop by for a listen and enjoy this long endeavor I have put together. Peace and Blessings, John
John Kennedy
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Well Duane, you have out done yourself again with the Katelyn Rae video and the song you wrote to go along with it. Yes, an angel for sure. What a precious little girl she is, a blessing from above for sure. Great song for this video that tells all, just where your heart is for sure. Your neighbors are lucky to have such a blessing. God bless my brother! Peace and Blessings, John
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