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The RJ Rules
Born on October 31, 1988.
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Instrumentals : Beats General
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About Me
The RJ Rules is a production team, composed by R-Lax and J-Twice. R-Lax has a big passion for the music and his style is Hip Hop, R&B, Electro. It’s safe to say that he’s the “Electroman” of the group. J-Twice is a little bit younger than R-Lax, and music is all his life! His style is more classic, in Hip Hop, R&B and Electro too. The RJ Rules’ name comes from a real simple process: “R” is for R-Lax, “J” is for J-Twice, and “Rules” because they think that in the industry, no rules can stop them! They’ve met 8 years ago in school; they were in the same section. They also found that they have the same mentality, and of course, they became friend, and it was the beginning of a long adventure! They’ve started producing music 3 years ago, when they discovered their real passion for the music. They decided to take their chance, and did everything possible to be successful in the industry. As they’re student, they’re working with the means that they’ve got. They’ve only got a microphone, a midi-keyboard and a computer. That’s why they’re trying to do their best to make it the more professional as possible. They’ve got a lot of finish beats, and others are in project. Actually, they’ve got around 80 beats. Their influences growing up in France when it comes to hip hop music was only American artists and producers. For the producers, it is Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Scott Storch, Ryan Leslie, Mysto&Pizzi, Channel 7, Daftpunk (French’ touch!) and more! Concerning the artists, their main influence is Michael Jackson. This man is a genius. Both of them, they grew up in American music, with Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Barry White and James Brown. Now, they love artists like Trey Songz, Raheem DeVaughn, Omarion, Marques Houston, Uness, Cassie, Keri Hilson for the R’n’B vibe, and for the Hip Hop movement, they love Snoop Dogg, DMX, Busta Rhymes, Ice Cube and Eminem. Both of them got their own myspace page. They have individual projects, because they’re not living together; and they can see each other only on Saturdays, because of school, and of course, they’ve got their personal style. But when they’re working together, they merge their vision, and it gives birth to The RJ Rules’ style! It’s pretentious to say that they’re the best producers in France, but they know that in their area, their style is unique. When somebody asks them if they have goals as individuals, they just answer that they don’t, because The RJ Rules are inseparable, it is one heart, one breath, one vision…
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