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Miriam Snyder
Vineland, NJ  USA
Born on May 9, 1955.
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About Me
My name is Miriam but everyone calls me Mims or Mimsy also know as LittleGabber. Been married for 21 years and im very happy. I have 3 boys from my 1st marriage, I'm a happy grandmom with 2 grandkids ( a boy and a girl ) and another grandson on the way. to be continued..........................
Wow T can't believe it. I hope you find someone to sing it for you. That should be great Mimsy
Mimzy, So strange!!! My 25th anniversary is 2010!!!! We're supposed to go on a cruise for that. It would be kind of neat if I were to have someone sing "Together In Love, Forever in Love" while on the cruise. I can't sing so I would have to have someone. Marvin
Mimzy, thank you so much for adding "Broken Promises" and "If Only He Had Known" to your station. I am totally honored. Also, when is your 25th Anniversary? Marvin
I LOVE THE SONG> I WANT TO SING IT TO MY HUBBY ON OUR 25th anniversary Love it Mimzy
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Hello, I want to thank you for adding my song "Together In Love, Forever In Love" to your station. I am honored. Marvin
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