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Arielle Kelly
Sydney, NSW  Australia
Born on December 30, 2005.
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About Me
I come from Sydney, Australia and I love music and life. I write songs and sing. The song featured here, Divinity of Light, has voice and lyrics by me and music by my kindred friend Nocturnal Fearz. I meditate and have spiritual interests. I am down to earth and love the ocean and the sky. I am a Goddess Woman. Freedom inside and outside is important to me and I have my own way of being in the world which is unique and grounded and expressive. I like many kinds of music and am always open to listen to new styles and genres. I am here now, dancing in the sand...Peace..Love...
Divinity of Light (Lyrics)   Mother Isis … Mother Isis … Mother Isis
Divinity of Light, a Golden flame
An Angel by another name...
Who bears a sacred
Sigil mark
Shall seek his own
Eternal spark
And all once lost
Shall now begin
The wheel of life
Once more to spin…spin…

Cast the moon into the sun
A sacred union has begun
Cast the ocean to the sky
A mortal soul has wings to fly...
Divinity of Light, a Golden Flame
An Angel by another name...

In ancient battle
Of dark and light
Thy radiance
Shall win the fight
Do not believe
And ne’er do trust
In ashes to ashes
In dust to dust
But travel on
To the twilight sea
Where I have...
Hello Arielle Just Dropped by to say hello, your not related to Ned Kelly are you..LOL!
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Hi Arielle You've probably had your fireworks by now. I hope they were spectacular and that the beginning of the new year has been as good as i hope the rest of it will be for you. Thanks for being a friend Mr Big Ha Ha (Peter White) ps The English lake district is dull and damp, but hey i'm happy
Thank you so much for the comment. Have a happy holiday season!
Kashious 2007
My Sister, I'm very greatful that you have allowed me to enter into your world and want to thank you for your awsome comment on my page. You are truly a Goddess on your way to true Greatness, Blessed be, Kashious
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