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Dat Sexy Cat
around da corner, USA
Born on December 15, 1983.
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About Me
Love music....it flows thru my veins...and so far Im loving and feelin alot of the beats I come across...To all them people on here doin their thang...do it up baby....Only get one shot to Blow....
I appreciate the love baby girl.... sorry it took so long to respond.. I just got back from Iraq... so I been cuttin up lol ! I holla atcha Still think you need an agent !
Thanx for the add baby gurl. Real talk, if you dont have an agent already.. you seriously need to get one... no flattery. You got serious appeal written all over you... like in black permanent sharpie... str8 up. Much love.
dj rielk
wass up tasty!...check my music it`s how we do it..mexakingdom.. hit me back! peace out.. realmente me despierta sensaciones tu pic
Thanks for the add
well uhh, im curious bott ur flame naah. U gonnal let me know abott it?
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