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Carlo DAnna
Seattle, Wash  USA
Born on October 16, 1954.
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Alternative : Avant Rock
Finger style and Acoustic Progressive guitar, flute, synth and Mellotron.
Alternative : Avant Rock
Backers and collabs galore!!
World : New Age
Classical : Baroque
ASTRONOMUSIC, a project by Zozimo Rech & Adrianne Simioni, performing Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. Electric guitars, electric bass, synthesizer, replacing the u
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About Me
Welcome to the music of Carlo D'Anna's Ridiculous Dream music. Also known as "Dream Warrior" in some circles. Influences and music styles ranging from basic to progressive rock, with definite Retro seventies sound. If you enjoy the sound of Moody Blues, George Harrison, Genesis, Dead Can Dance, and others of the same style, more or less, you will probably like this music. I use quite a bit of Mellotron and acoustic fingerstyle guitar as well. My original goal was visual art, and I have many works in private and public collections. But I switched by instinct to home production, which is not dissimilar to painting. There is a huge pallet of noises and sounds at my disposal. Please check out music at Bandcamp: dreamwarrior.bandcamp.com/ Like Ridiculous Dream Recordings on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RidiculousDream/
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New Psyche-Rock Tune!   Story behind the song
Based on an experience when I was temporarily lost with a girl in the desert which happened to be near some hot springs. The god Mescalito was our host that day. The use of WAH. Solid Psyche rocker. Check out this tune on top of my Ridiculousdream playlist.
Hey Girl see the day
Desert spring float away
Mind's eye in a dream
Hold your hand float upstream
Abandoned no choice
Mesa top hear a voice
Embrace seize the time
Never go back forever
Away away away to the sun
Now Girl time has come
forever here Desert sun
Idle time to figure out
Cosmic waves move about
Ridiculous Dream Playlist  
Playing live for awhile   As most of you know in the past that I used to be pretty prolific with new tunes. In the past perhaps pumping out at least 1 song a month. However I have been taking a brief hiatus lately from direct composing and recording. I have been giving more attention to honing my skills as a musician/guitarist. I have been doing more practicing with other musicians and developing small gigs.
However I will eventually get back to recording. Thanks to all of you for the support over the last 12 years or so since I began recording/composing in earnest.
Ridiculous Dream Carlo
Probably forgot to say it is called "Coming Home". You can find it at the top of lists.
I have an old tune that Dyalock (Holger) has been kind enough to vocalise for me. I thank him for this and hope you would take a quick listen.
Hi Carlo! I hope you are doing well! I have new one up called "Hear the voices". Cheers Holger.
Ariadawna Willowsweet
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Hey Carlo, I put out a quickie called "3 Minutes" https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13899919 please check it out.
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