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Nic Carr
Little Rock, AR  USA
Born on March 30, 1982.
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About Me
I rep da Southside of Lil Rock,Arkansas. Me N my crew gne put da Rock on da map. Dnt Be surprised if followin behind smbdy. Dats it Bra, U already No.
N-Do   From Southside Little Rock, AR who has a mind of music. He started rapping at the age of 11. He is more a producer than a rapper. He was one of the first three members of Supa Nova Productions. He has also done many battle raps with others such as Kidd Black, Toon, Dell, Futi, Lil Southend, Lil Bobby etc. He has never lost a battle. But he says that He'll continue to make his beats and Produce for others.
Futi   Dis here is another rapper 4rm da Southside of Little Rock. He stays in da streets all over da Rock.
Young Choppa & Stunna   These boyz Bro's 4rm da westside of Rocktown. These boyz iz da real deal. They dnt rap but keep the Nova on track N tell em wut they doin right n doin wrong.
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