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Brian Oberle
Cleveland, Ohio  USA
Born on January 27, 1965.
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Hey Brian, just passing by to say hello, i see you are probably busy as well as me. Checking your stations, i'm glad you casted many songs from common friends, faithfully, your friendship is as worth for any artist.:) Thanks for support,keep in touch JH L.
Hey Brian, thank you a lot for add of DANSE DES LUTINS. Glad you like it. I found this line 1975, but it seems alive yet, you've got my condideration. Keep in touch, JH L.
joey allen
Hi, nice to meet you and thanks for adding Dawn of Love to your station!! Good luck and I'll be back! Joey
Scientek Basement
hey Brian! thx so much for addin all this jazz tracks to your station heh! its a honor for us. sry for being so late here! Greets to you from Cologne Arno
midnight rambler62
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Thanks a lot for adding our songs ! Have a great weekend ! P-O/Amazing Blue Gurus
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