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Charles Simon
Guerneville, USA
Born on January 18, 1980.
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About Me
I am a Metal Head, I love fucking metal and hate RAP which rhimes with CRAP!!!! I am 27 years old. I live at the Russin River in Sonoma County Northern CALIFORNIA. California rules! You can also find me on myspace.com,Shareaza.com and Limewire.com. if you like my choice in music or think there is sometime I should lisen to, I am open to sugestions.
hey charlie! I'm starting to use soundclick more often from now but gotta ask you some stuff. I don't get those stations, favorite band, add to my soundclick stuff. Which is what? What plays on my player? Can I change my top favorite bands? Thanks and cheers!
Hey Crazy Charlie thanks for accepting me as a friend!!! Stay crazy, thats a good quality!!! Holla back!!!
hey man! Thanks for putting E.N.D on your station! I'll try to keep up and update this profile a bit, until, find us at www.myspace.com/endzadar or official site. Cheers
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