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Martin Phillips
London, United Kingdom
Born on June 12, 2005.
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World : World Fusion
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Welcome to my page.
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Posted on spinaceto76's message board. Jun 16
Liked Falken's song Synergi. May 3
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spinaceto76 Hi Martin,

always great to get news from you my friend, i am glad to know that you are working on differents projects ( also in MIX&MASTERING), me I am still waiting for the next inspiration! LOL!!

Please have a great time, we will talk soon, cheers to the music Martin!
Dyalock last edited on Thu May 10, 2018 @ 05:02 AM Hi Martin. I have a new one up called "So long". :)

Cheers Holger
Falken Hi Martin!
Thanks for your nice words and stationads on my collab with Al. Apriciated!
Hopefully we will do some more collabs in the near future.
Maybee we contact you for being our manager too :)

Best wishes for the week-end my friend!
spinaceto76 Hello Martin!!
Saw you commenting Falken latest collab with Al, how are you doing my friend?
I was off line for a long time, now trying to catch the news here.....

Please have a good and relaxing weekend Martin!! Peace, -Spin-
ewailer Thanks for being friends Martin. Hope you're having a nice week. Thanks for enjoying the music. Take care.
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