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Eric Romine
Born on August 27, 1968.
My own artist pages
Electronic : Experimental Sounds
Electronic music textures
Electronic : Noise
FractalEYEzed Music
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About Me
Hello my name is Eric Romine thank you for visiting my music page on n1m. I create music that I release as free and I also music that isn’t free.
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Thanks so much for adding my music to your station. All the best! Frank Axtell www.frankaxtell.com
I have the same name as you... first and last. Nice music!
Eric, Thank you for your interest in my indietronic track 'illusion' it is quite an odd one for sure..i'm admiring some of your tracks.. very nice work! thank you very much! k
Thanks so much for adding Porcupine Princess to your station, much appreciated. Rock on!!
Hey Eric, thanks for the station add! much appreciated. peace & happiness Eric
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