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MadTown, Ohio  USA
Born on February 13, 1954.
Jul 23, 2009
hey everyone..
Thought you researching type folks might find these web sites kinda interesting;
Jun 22, 2009
Well ...it's FINALLY a hellava allot warmer here in North Eastern Ohio ..and as Maxwell Smart agent 86 used to say; "...and loving it" !

Am enjoying the Love of My Life, Pamela... with every new day that goes by. She Rocks !

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and all the great music here on SoundClick. To everyone who has sent me messages and friend invites please be a little patient, I will answer all. To all my friends here I haven't been keeping up with - am sorry and will try and respond quicker now that this computer is working and sincerely hope you are all doing well. To all you Dads out there, Happy Fathers Day !

God Bless you All,..
Ride Wise ..
Death to the New World Order !
Dec 29, 2008
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to All.
Dec 8, 2008
Well... It has been almost an entire year now since writing here. Moving three times in one year.. computer screwing-up and eventually becoming inoperative for almost four months ..plus a host of other stuff going which only allowed me periodically checking in on SoundClick. I appreciate my friends here visiting and the messages you leave. There's so much great music here and many new artists, some which I will be adding to my stations once I have more time to spend.
My background pic is the logo from The Laughing Duck Book Store & Coffee House in Linesville Pennsylvania.. Linesville being one of my old stomping grounds back many years ago. So if you're ever in that area check out the store cause it's got tons of neat old books you can't find anywhere else, plus you may just catch Lekzee there singing and jam'in away on her guitar.
God Bless you all.. and a very Blessed & Merry Christmas.
Jan 3, 2008
Hi Everyone... It's been awhile since I've been online at SoundClick. There's been lots going on in the last half of last year. Sincerely hope all had a great Christmas and wish for everyone a Blessed & Happy New Year. Thanks to all who have dropped by throughout last year & those whom sent personal emails as well. Including even those FED types & other nosy s.o.b's.
God Bless You All,
May God Save This Republic,..
and ..Death To The New World Order.
May 4, 2007
HEY YOU !!..up there in Alaska controlling that damn
H A A R P ! .. .ya wanna shut that damn thing off already !!!! ..we're supposed to be having Spring right now... not winter flurries of + 27 inches !!!! [ BTW Folks, that pic is in Alaska, of acres of microwave antenna's that shoot & 'burn' holes into the Ionosphere. Don't ya think the 'environmentalists' ought to be bi***'in about THIS !?!?


Apr 12, 2007
In my news researching of late, I have found some pretty interesting as well as disgusting stuff with regards to food. So, in being that we are supposed to be all freinds here on SoundClick, I couldn't just pass on not informing you of these two items of interest regarding some of the foods we eat. Below are two URL's you all should check out for yourselves.

The Coke & Pork Experiment.
also... check this one out; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3IOvFA8LLE&NR=1 ..as well, seems the above "Coke & Pork Experiment" is another hoax. The below McNuggets though is right on the money.

What's Really in a McDonald's Chicken McNugget?
Apr 7, 2007
Hi Everyone in SoundClick Land.
Wishing you all a very Blessed Resurrection Sunday !!!
God Bless You All,
Mar 27, 2007
This past Saturday, the 24th., was a special day for me in that I finally got to meet Lekzee, and what a Sweetheart she is ! Not that I didn't believe she wasn't before, 'cause I always knew in my heart that she was a Sweetheart of a Lady ! .. but finally getting to talk with her person to person.. and then listening to her sing while only being a couple of feet away from her was pretty awesome.

Lekzee was doing a gig at the "Laughing Duck Bookstore & Coffee House" in Linesville Pennsylvania. A little town in North Western Pa, that's near Espyville Pa and Andover Ohio.area. The "Laughing Duck" is owned and operated by Lekzee's friend Cindy..who is a very gracious host I'd like to add also. Cindy had fresh hot gourmet coffee on hand and a bookstore filled with books from as far back as the early 1800's to the present.

Outside the store, on the sidewalk, was a speaker set-up so the folks who were 'out & about'.. strolling along the sidewalk's in town could listen to the songs being played & sung by Lekzee. Linesville is also a tourist town of sorts so the visitors got an extra surprize whenever the music caught their attention and they came by the store to peer in the big store-front wondows to see Lekzee strumming her guitar and singing.

The atomosphere was a friendly and jovial one.. and when Tom showed up..and later Kurt, ...well.. they all pulled -out their guitars [Kurt had his harmonica too] and started jamming & singing and even got many of the patrons of the bookstore to sing along as well. Some of the folks were even dancing in the aisle's.

I was pretty tired when I arrived there [hadn't slept for about 26 hours by this time] ...but after a couple cups of Cindy's Eithopian coffee and the friendly comfortable atmosphere ..well, I got a 'third-wind' and was wide-awake again.

It was great conversing with Lekzee too. We touched on subjects other than music as well. She's a very intellegent and good looking Lady. And I was happy to share in her company.. as well as in the company of her friends.

They're all what I call "real people"... or "my kind of folks". And hope I get to meet-up with them all very soon again. Just wish I would have stuck with my sax lessons and playing around with my kid brothers' guitars when younger because it would have been so cool to join along and jam wih them all. Although Lekzee told me.. 'matter of factly' that I can sing.. I didn't want to try and make a debut at her gig and scare everyone off.. lol. But if she believes in me then maybe someday she can be my singing coach.

Cindy even got up to the mic to sing with Lekzee too. Tom plays a mean electric guitar and Kurt ..besides playing his guitars was also using his harmonica on some numbers.

It was a great Saturday afternoon and I throughly enjoyed myself... and know everyone else had to of too! I plan on visiting Cindy next time when in Linesville and buy some more books from her. She's got some good deals. My grandson got a big kick out of the books I got from Cindy for him also ..of some hard to find childrens books.

So if you are ever in that area near Linesville.. such as Conneaut Lake, Meadville, Espyville, Hartstown Pa.. or on the Ohio side that borders Pennsylvania... than check out Cindy's "Laughing Duck Bookstore & Coffee House", and ya may just see Lekzee there too jammin away on Merlin.. or some of her other guitars. ...while singing so sweetly.
God Bless 'em All,

Mar 21, 2007
Hi Everyone !
Gee whizz, Lekzee just had to be a very bizzzzy Lady as of late, because of two more new songs she's been working on... and they are; "Heartache" & "Honey, Don't Forget Me [When I'm Gone]".
They are also on my first Station [ajs2nd].. and naturally on my "Lekzee Patrick Station".. which plays nothing but Lekzee ...naturally.

God Bless,

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