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MadTown, Ohio  USA
Born on February 13, 1954.
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About Me
'Second generation' American of 100% Hungarian ancestory, American by birth-right. Want to visit Hungary someday .. the rest of Europe, Ireland, Scotland & UK. Wish I would have stuck with my sax lessons when 15-16 years old, but my heart was set on the drums. Also in sharing the interest with my kid-brothers' Les Paul & acoustic guitars. They both played well too. My Dad played a 'one in a million' [according to my sax teacher & same one I used], Kahn 'B' alto sax when he was about 12-14 yrs. old in a Hungarian [Gypsy Music] Band. My Mom can play her Baldwin organ & use no note sheets and can play damn near anything she puts her mind to... the music seems to just flow off her finger-tips into those ivory's & through that organ's speakers. Guess the only music I really played, flowed out of the exhaust pipes of my S&S Stroker-engined 1976 Harley Davidson FXE [Shovelhead's are Best ya know]...blastin down the road at 118 MPH plus to listen to those pipes 'sing'. Very impressed with the bands & solo artists here! See my Stations for some of the best music anywhere by these very talented artists. Give a listen to Lekzee. Her voice & music are most enchanting. Atomic One is a kick-ass rock band, Anubis Spire's music is the type of music I'd play if I were a musician cause they're full of heart, soul & truth. Listen to them on my stations here. Isten áldjon minket ön, [God Bless You] Antal [Tony] F.L.B.L.F.Y 420 ..
Check out these interesting web pages...   hey everyone..
Thought you researching type folks might find these web sites kinda interesting;
Summer's Here in Madtown!   Well ...it's FINALLY a hellava allot warmer here in North Eastern Ohio ..and as Maxwell Smart agent 86 used to say; "...and loving it" !

Am enjoying the Love of My Life, Pamela... with every new day that goes by. She Rocks !

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and all the great music here on SoundClick. To everyone who has sent me messages and friend invites please be a little patient, I will answer all. To all my friends here I haven't been keeping up with - am sorry and will try and respond quicker now that this computer is working and sincerely hope you are all doing well....
M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S   Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to All.
Paul Oakley
Hi Tony, Been a long time since I heard from you - just thought I'd stop by and say Hi :) Hope you and your family are well, --Paul
Thanks for adding my music to your station cuz have a great week ;)
Thank you so much Antal for adding my music to your station...How have you been? What have you been doing? Have a very lovely week, Sweet Blessings, Lekzee
Hello Tony....How are you doing???
Paul Oakley
Hi Tony, Thanks for the wonderful message and all the nice things you said - HAPPY NEW YEAR to you :) I always enjoy getting your emails and pictures and hearing all the things that don't get reported! I hope you and your family are all well, Take it easy, Paul
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