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Gregg Akehurst
triple ggg
Born on March 7, 1959.
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About Me
Ask and you will know.
living in a bipolar world   In a nutshell, it sucks. Trust is a major issue. You believe in your mind everyone has a motive. Friendships get strained. Relationships are hard to maintain. You feel like your world will crash at any moment.
Choose Character  
In this fast paced world that we live in, we race around trying to accomplish as much as we possibly can. Multi-tasking is the phrase tossed around loosely. If you don't multi-task, your wasting time, which studies have proven false.

I believe that a person needs to be a soul of high character. Choose kindness instead of being right. It's okay to wronged occasionally. Practice kindness, give it out generously and you will receive back in the same manner. Be a forgiving person. Forgiveness is a sign of strength. Forgiveness does not mean you forget that the wrong ever happened, you move on ...
Me in good shape   Thats what lots of skating will do for you!
Revenant the Sequel
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I agree with Dee. You don't have to leave the site. Heck, check in once a year if you can but don't leave. You have helped many people. I've had emails from a few after I posted my Blog about you leaving. They all say that your strength, faith, and dignity gave them solace in their own troublesome times. We'll still be here waiting.
Revenant the Sequel
Just a quick note... I really am very impressed with your commitments and belief in your causes. Your blogs are well written and speak highly of your comfort with the written word. I'll think of you as an example whenever I blog. I'm proud to call you my friend.
Revenant the Sequel
I am touched by your genuine faith and kindness. The world could use more people like you. Thank you for visiting my blog last week. I think I should give up writing and let you do it.
Hello Gregg, Thank you for finding me and for the request as well as the positive message you are sharing here. Peace, Michele San Diego Music Awards 2007 "Best Blues" Nominee www.sdmusicawards.com (to Vote until Sept 5)
Gregg.... Thank you sooo much for your kind words and sharing that qoute which is all too true. It's nice to know someone out there actually cares and I suppose in time I will pick myself up and find a way to put my life back together without bitterness. Wendy
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