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mark adamczyk
libertyville, il  USA
My own artist page
Jazz : Jazz Fusion
Pretty eclectic, as well as just pretty. We do whatever comes to mind. Sometimes we rock out; other times, we, um, jazz out. All over the map, sometimes without a compass. If you think of a (printable) category for what we do, feel free to define us.
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About Me
I was born in Chicago, although my parents were in visiting relations in Queens at the time. Boy were they surprised! When I was five, I bumped my head on a grand piano and I've been claiming to be musical ever since. Once, I saw this really great band on tv, I watched enchanted for five minutes--before my well-meaning Dad switched the set off. I said to myself, I can do that! And after years of hard work and practice, my youthful claim has become a reality. I can switch a tv set off with the best of them.
Recent Activity
Marketing progress report   In an effort to promote the band, I took it upon myself to roll up my sleeves and do some serious promotion leg work. (Okay, so technically I rolled up my cuffs, so sue me.) Which means, in essence, I googled the band name to see where we rank. I mean, what else can one do to get noticed on the 'net anymore, anyway? Anyhow, I didn't know google could come up with a negative number for the hit count. Boy, is the Jay Smurch Group unknown or what? Maybe that should be our slogan. The best band you never heard of. Actually, the best band google never heard of would be more like it. Which reminds ...
Our policy on comments   Messalina [guitar and cyberflote] says ("sez") we should have an official policy on comments to our music. Sort of like a mission statement, except no mission is implied and the only statements we ever see are from our bank and they ain't pretty (unless you're, like, into red ink). So, maybe NOT so much like a mission statement and more like a "corporate policy memo". Doesn't THAT sound professional. "Jay Smurch Group stock price takes off. Film at eleven."

Anyway, here it is. (Remember, now, we're talking about our policy on comments.) We welcome all legitimate comments on our music, with ...
sound check   check...one...two...ch-check...one...two...can I get more vocals in the monitors please? And the drummer [messalina] wants every louder, too, okay?

Next mic...check...one...two...check, one, two...testing...testing...I'm not getting anything on six...check...check...one...two...okay, there it is....what?....the monitors sound great....The drummer wants everything louder, please.

Check...one...two...testing....Hey, Welcome to the Smurch Blog. How's everybody doing out there? Huh?....I can't hear you, I said how're ya doing?....C'mon I can't hear you...I said...oh, wait a sec....is this the ...
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