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jacky couvreur
Meaux, France  France
Born on April 25, 1958.
My own artist page
Pop : Euro Pop
Jacky et ses arrangeurs Luc, Didier .
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About Me
Dear friends of Soundclik ,i wanted to speak about my life but there is not a lot of things to say except some songs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am happy with soundclick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for your friendchip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for skipe my id is jacky.couvreur1 nice to meet you
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Gabe Stenziano
nice to hear from you. lots of snow here in western new York. I may move to Tennessee when I retire, but that's not for a couple of years. take care.
Hello Jacky, Great Music ... Great! ...
Gabe Stenziano
thanks for stopping by Jackie, always good to hear from you. I've pretty much stopped recording, not sure what I will do in the future. I will always value our friendship. stay well!
Gabe Stenziano
had a listen to 'chaud'. great song, so well performed. the mood is perfect. hope you are well and getting lots of song plays here at soundclick.
Gabe Stenziano
just stopped by to say hello. hope you are well and happy, my friend.
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