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cherry fizz
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About Me
It's been about a year since I last logged onto this site. I mainly used the site for listening to unique music, but due to the fact that I don't have much time to get on anymore, I can't justify my profile being up anymore. So basically, I'm deleting all my stuff off of here. So bye everyone!
Hello. Thanx for your interest in my music and for adding one of my songs to your playlist. I apreciate it. Kind regards. David Bazo.
Hi Cherry, Thanks so much for putting one of my songs on your station. Best Wishes Jazzjet
Thanx cherry fizz for adding our remix.We really appreciate it.C'mon back,we know we must have some more tunes you like,add as many as ya like!
steve gilmore
Hi Cherry, thanks for adding my track to your station. Nice anime :D
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people are weird when it comes to love. Love is like a diease---when people catch it they go crazy after people. Don't you agree Marina?
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