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Aunty Wytch
San Antonio, TX  USA
Born on May 18, 1947.
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About Me
I am a practicing witch, I am of the Solitary type... Its easier for me as I don't play to well with others. I'm truely reclusive, I'm not into the social butterfly stuff. I don't like crowds. I have 2 large dogs & one cat, and I like kids (they aren't deceptive by nature.) I don't suppose thats not all there is to me, but who wants to know? really!!
Greetings & Blessings....   dang I haven't been around enough! I hope ya'll have been great & I wish you a Blessed Solstice....
Aunty Wytch
This Is Who I am...   this lil' witch is how my friends describe me. Tho I don't see it much...lol...I am small in stature, but large of mouth, I'm generally found trying to extracate my foot from said mouth....(sad but true!) I do truely like people, but those same people find me some what ODD!! Can't emagine why??...LOL...
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.....   and did we ever have fun!! This was last year at EFF, this year they have renamed it to Camalot Fantsy Faire....
And you do not know fun until you've gone to Ren. Faires'
See ya next year.....
Aunty Wytch
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