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Dirk Blokken
Diepenbeek, Belgium
Born on January 23, 1970.
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About Me
believe in yourself , not in a god EMPYRIUM FACADE OF REALITY Sanguis meus tibi iam perbibendus sit Marcula aeternitatis Numquam detergenda Quisnam surget et deterget Imaginem veritatis ? People crerated religious inventions to give their lives a glimmer of hope And to ease their fear of dying and people created religious intentions Only to feel superior and to have a license to kill Our desire to die is stronger than all your desire to life There is no getting away from it now only true faith survives People created religious inventions to give their lifes a glimmer of hope and to ease their fear of dying and people created religious ascensions To subject the others and to enslave , just to furter enrich themselves It doesn't matter where we die It doesn't matter that you cry We'll take you with us A disgrace on the beyond O servator , sempiterne Te grati coluimus, odor atrox quo nos superfundis intolerabilis est Deceive yourself by yelding to soft words that cause no pain Enrich yourself with different views learned without disdain A disgrace on the beyond That never can be undone Who shall rise and unveil The facade of reality ? Is there still room for new dents in old wrecks ? A disgrace on the beyond that never can be undone Deceive yourself by yelding to soft words Enrich yourself by making up your own mind Sanguis meus tibi iam perbibendus sit
Thanks for adding me, On my darkness falls uk music page you can download all my track for free, in return i want to eat your brains!!!!!
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Hi, thanks for adding me as a friend, i enjoyed your poem...religion, like most things is riddled in a haze of dark and light shades. Cheers!
emilyy brookk
Thanks for the add xD
Midnight Configuration street team (AKA down with the kids!) Hi all, I have set up yet another web music profile (I know I know it's getting boring now) but this one works a bit different.It's part of an organisation called ReverbNation and I can set up a "street team" who get missions etc, its all a bit of a laugh but seems quite interesting. SoooooCan you all follow the link below and sign up as both a fan of Midnight Configuration AND that you want to join the street team.Anyway, please go and check it out. http://www.reverbnation.com/midnightconfiguration Oh yeah, can you also sign up for the email mailing list
thank you for adding my tunes to your station:) best wishes for today and the year ahead THE DOCx
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