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New Orleans, LA  USA
Born on March 11, 1960.
Pop : Contemporary Christian
Instrumentals : Cover Songs
Pop : Contemporary Christian
Elvis Somosot is a singer-producer from Cebu City, Philippines. He brings music to life with his musicality and versality in his arrangements.
Pop : Contemporary Christian
Podcasts : My Life
Hilario & Carmen Lungay of Catigbian, Bohol, Philippines
Pop : Contemporary Christian
Pop : Contemporary Christian
World : Traditional Asian
TQ Solis, Jr. is a promiment songwriter from Loay, Bohol, Philippines. He has been a winner of many local songwriting contests e.g. Cebu Metropolitan Music Festival in the aerly 80's. He was a professor of music at one time and a choral conductor.
Pop : Contemporary Christian
Performed by Seminarians of St. Augustine Major Seminary, Tagaytay City, Philippines (c. 1984)
Pop : Contemporary Christian
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About Me
BLOG OWNER: J. ROEL LUNGAY Year 2009 is a trailblazing year for us as we embark on a new musical venture we've never tried before - collaborative songwriting and self-publishing. It's a dream we never dared explore in years past when our minds were clear, pure and innocent (LoL), and our imaginations, ambitions and dares were kinda at its peak (huh!). Even though we're both musicians who grew up - and played sports - together, and whose passion for music is beyond anyone's knowing and description, our respective musical journeys have never really crossed paths before except at informal and not-so-formal gatherings (e.g. barkada gatherings, music club gigs, etc) where one played and the other appreciated, in company of boyhood friends. Thirty something years, as a matter of fact, such life's arrangement seemed to be the soup du jour of a lifetime between us from years 1976 to 2008. Then 2009 came and all of a sudden, boom! (forgive us for sounding too cocky and ambitious, hahaha), like an old friend would like to say, an "ala-Lennon-McCartney/Bernie Taupin-Elton John" meeting of the minds and hearts almost instantaneously became the rule of the day and of our newfound fervor, writing songs together! (Roro Music) Intro Song: Love Somehow Will Find A Place In Our Hearts... one my latest works with Romeo! Romeo this 2009! See blog below for the lyrics http://ilovebohol-roromusic2009.blogspot.com/ -
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The Song Blogger   Boholano Composer

Link: https://boholanocomposer.blogspot.com/

While most describe themselves as bloggers, I simply self-desribe it as song-blogging. The reason is obvious. On one hand, I love "painting music" (tunesmith-ing) in my ART SONGS and HYMNS adventures, since 2009 I was kind of thrown into something I didn't know I was capable of doing, i.e., writing lyrics for another songwriter. Funny, because it does have the appearance that I write with purely secular and "hard-rocking" lyrical themes. Kidding aside, this expereince has actually given me an opportunity to introspect, imagine ...
One of my most recent collaborations with Romeo MascariƱas. The lyric was first written in 2006, right after Hurricane Katrina, about my trip to Austria in 1992. It really took a while for the song to take off... wew, finally!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4iEPxlJ3Ac (2009 version)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFCpaSn6eNA&t=33s (2016 revision)


"I look at Vienna as one, if not the most beautiful place in the world, not to mention how music plays an intricate part in my appraisal." (Fro)

Email: meomascarinas (at yahoo)


Words by J. Roel Lungay
Music by Romeo ...
Roro Music on MySpace   WE'RE ALSO ON MY SPACE

We've decided to go "songblogging" to other sites besides Soundclick and we've just updated a whole project on MySpace: Big Bang! by Romeo Mascarinaas (aka Romeo Romeo). Needless to say some of the songs are already available here and in many stations at Soundclick, but for purposes of listening to them, or just checking them out, in one package, we invite you to take a look at them there. Please follow the link provided to get there. Thanks

Thanks Fro 4 adding, Enjoying some of your amazing work today Have a great weekend! Andrew
Moonlight Label
Thanks for the add ! Keep in touch, MC
Hi Fro, Thanks so much for the station add, very appreciated. Cheers Mikejazz
Hi Fro, Thanks so much for the friensdhip. Been listening to Romeo! Romeo!, Living in a Dream is great, Let us come also a very nice composition. Professional production and performance. Kudos. Mikejazz
Acoustic Grace
Happy Thanksgiving from Acoustic Grace! We just uploaded one of the first songs we ever recorded called Thanksgiving. We hadn't uploaded it before because it's a little rough but it represents what we are thankful for.
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