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Jonathan Raimer
Sacramento, CA  USA
Born on November 19, 1980.
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Electronic : Electronica
Classical and Contemporary Electronic. Fresh. Original.
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About Me
Yahunatan is an electronic musician. For Yah's glory. Since 2003. SoundClick Veteran for 12 Years (2007 - 2019). Yahunatan.com It's not about being a skilled musician. Or acquiring that which fades under the sun. Life's too short. It's about sharing an experience. It's about having a personal relationship with The Creator. My desire is capturing the essence of an experience and placing it in a container of depth and simplicity, especially while in prayer and mediation. My objective is in forming pure melodies and keeping the message real. Committed to balancing classical and electronic genres with ease of technicality, I attempt to form simple pieces on a whim, filled with muse and creative theme. If one of these pieces brings a positive understanding to your life — it has served its purpose! This musician currently uses FL Studio 12 Producer, Akai Professional MPK 88 and MPK 25 Controller Keyboards, Arturia V6, V5, and V4 Collections, Omnisphere 2, Keyscape (Full Edition), Philharmonik Miroslav (Original), M-Audio Audiophile 192 Sound Card, Yamaha DGX-500 and DGX-505 Keyboards (Grand Portables), Yamaha PSR-47, with various freeware plugins. Was raised up listening to the four electronic greats: Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, and Kraftwerk. The classical equivalent to the likes of Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart. Sadly they are not well known in the states, but time will tell. Yahunatan.com
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Happy New Year to you Jonathan!!! May it be filled with love and many blessings! Karina
Hi Jonathan! I guess you chose your picture! Thanks!
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