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Marc Meistner
Mülheim, NRW  Germany
Born on March 31, 1964.
My own artist pages
Jazz : Nu Jazz
Jazz,Nu Jazz, Funk,Elektro,Experimental,Percussion,Drumming,
Rock : Psychedelic Rock
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About Me
I use my duration on Earth for creative Works.
3Fuzed   Because of Chris Browns(Mellosonic) death some days ago, we posted all our songs to Soundclick.
You can listen to our music and hear once again, how wonderful Mello played his keyboards and how talented he was.

bobbywayne (Guitars-Oregon), Marc Meistner (Drums-Germany) and Myself[Mellosonic](Keyboards-Los Angeles) have been working on a collaboration project together for over a year now and are getting close to releasing our first cd. We've never met except through emails and sending music tracks back and forth between each other. ...
Hey, fellow Soundclick mate! Keep spreading' JOY... with the sound of music. ;) Zak
Hello Marc, Thanks, man. I'm absolutely loving your tunes. :) So glad SC is here for us all so we can avoid the **** on the radio and in the media and play music for/by/with people who do it for the love of music. Back real soon for more :) Bruce
Just heard Silver Screen :) Absolutely fantastic, Marc. And great guitar work from Bobby. Will be back to hear more very soon :) Bruce
Mark, thanks for listening to my tunes and for your nice comment. I really haven't had all that much formal schooling in composition--rather, I'm taught by a very observant pair of ears. Take care.
Thanks Marc Your contemporary jazz pop style musical work is very impressive. Hope you have a great week!
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