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About Me
Despiser 20th Anniversary DVD Coming Soon   Hey yo!!

I've been real busy lately working on footage for a 2 hour DVD compilation of my former band Despiser.

This is to celebrate the bands 20th anniversary and contains some amazing live bootleg footage of the band in full flight.

Check out the new video posted today for Across The Plains, a must for Metal Fans.

For more updates go to the bands web page at www.myspace.com/despiser2007
New Video From An Old Band   Hey Yo,

Just posted a video of one of my early bands. Currently working on some other footage as well.

To see what it's all about got to www.myspace.com/despiser2007

New Tunes Soon!!

New Song!!!   Hey Yo,

Just uploaded a new version of Strung Out. Check it out, way better than my first sloppy effort from 2004.

Cheers all and keep up the awesome work.

Chucky, Thank you for adding my music to your station. That was so sweet of you, Blessings, Lekzee
Chucky, Thank you so much, for adding THE LONELY WITCH to your station. That was so nice of you. I hope you are fine...please have a great day, Sweet Blessings, Lekzee
Chris (Ward)
Hi there, After a short while out of the loop I'm back in the saddle again. I've uploaded two collaborations you may be interested in. If I Cry - with David Valcich Just A Memory - with Kyle Robertson, Dawn Sinclair and Andy Foyston. I hope you get time to give them a little spin. I'll be around a lot more this week. Happy Weekend!
Jealous Itch
sh*** I'm not good either, but I am definately not that good!!!!!
Hey, thanks for the add! :)
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