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Harold Keller
Newton, IA  USA
Born on January 11, 1952.
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Liked his own playlist oharry1's station. Aug 14, 2016
Liked Lex Zaleta's song The Crop. Aug 14, 2016
Liked Cherri and the Violators's song PMS Blues. Mar 19, 2016
Liked theSoundBytes's song She's Got the Power. Mar 19, 2016
Been a while...   Want to say hello to all my favorite artists.. past, present, and future. And thanks for keeping me in mind. I have been working hard with our new band, presently named DOUBLE SHOT. We hope to be posting material in the future. We have been going through several obsticles, hardships, and heartbreaks such as the loss of our frontman last spring. I have plans to help promote my old friends and find new ones along the way, besides posting our new band,.... mostly Blues, Rockin' Blues, Rockin' country, Rockin' Roll,... and some plain old Rock. I haven't been on much lately and I miss my people, ...
Thank you so much, OHARRY!!!! I hope you are fine...I have been away and now I am back to work on returning. Thank you so much for allyour kindness and support of my songs. You are a fabulous person. Hugs, Countess Lekzee
Hi Harry, nice hearing from you. I recently heard from Ricky. I'm glad you are getting back the band together. my best regards to you all. k
Thanks for the station add cuz have a great wednesday !
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harry, how've you been? sorry about the news about Dennis. always sad to hear :( hope you are well. take care and be well. k
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