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Liverpool, United Kingdom
Proggy metally rocky whatsits.
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Came by to say thanks for your comment, but stayed around a bit to listen to the 'Embrace Eternity' track proffered up by your player. Cheers!
seth smivet
Hey Stoob Thanks for the link - yes I remember Andrew Gold he was a big songwriter in the 70s - I didn't know he'd done that skeletons track though. I enjoyed your fan fic that you sent me the link for too. Of course I couldn't follow the plot just as you predicted, but the writing quality is very, very good - you should definitely keep at it. Everything is great here thanks, just finished my "dream" challenge track and getting some other stuff recorded too.
Michael Duran
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Came for my dose of real heavy metal steroids EPICURUS freakin ROCKS mate! oh.. toss in Defiance for good measure ;) SO BE IT!!!!!! Have a great weekend Stoob :) carry on...
Michael Duran
Hiya Stoob :) wishing you a good one this weekend! looking forwards to jamming again when you're in the mood ;) Cheers! MD
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Thanks for adding us to your list of friends - welcome to the Clickers Club! :)
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