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jon zero
Stafford, United Kingdom
Born on February 23, 1972.
My own artist pages
Alternative : Experimental
Music made by the members of Flesh Eating Foundation outside of the bands usual style.
Electronic : Industrial
Flesh Eating Foundation. Industrial punk from the UK
Electronic : Industrial
Jon Zero is a founder member of the Flesh Eating Foundation. This page showcases Jon Zero's remix and collaborative work, raising his profile as an electronic, industrial and darkwave remixer/producer.
Electronic : Industrial
Zero Nerve - bitter sweet melancholy rage. An act comprising two people and various electronics. The songs are constructed by Jon Zero(also a founder member of the Flesh Eating Foundation) while the voice belongs to Marie.
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About Me
Composer, programmer, guitarist and object basher for Flesh Eating Foundation. Vegetarian, agnostic, laid back.
MsEverything Nice tattoo!
xiyos Hey New Band From Worksop (Near Doncaster) Have a listen see what ya think please rate and if u like add us thanks for the time
peepnklown I am calling people who enjoy my music to request my music on M4R (Musick for Riots) 88.3 FM.
This show is every Saturday from 5-7PM PST.
Request DEAD NUMBER 339: Redeemer, Nocturnal B, Lithograph M, or Deceased Frank by calling (951) 827-5827 or AIM: hellokucr
KaiN Kinetic Jon,

Wassup dude.. If you don't already, could you add some of my new songs to your station. "it all means nothing", "destroy beauty", "It brings me down".. thnx much respect!!
robot rock Jon,
I just uploaded another song that I thought you might be interested in (once again, based on your station) - EPILOGUE. It is one of the heaviest tracks that I've done - very aggressive with lots of vocoder and 303. It is the final song for my new album (hence the name) and the subject matter kind of summarizes the When Machines Dream concept. Turn it up and let me know what you think!

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