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Kurt Neufer
South Williamsport, Pa  USA
Born on March 28, 1953.
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Acoustic : Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic Guitar
Country : Country General
Lekzee, Tammy Swindell, Amy Caldwell, Hayley Oliver, Dawn Diamond, Frank Dicker Sr., David Lunbeck, Craig Steven Shaffer, Kurt Lewis Neufer, Collabs, collaborations, beautiful music
Pop : Christmas/Seasonal
Christmas music, rock, pop, blues, country, love, elvs, elvis,
Latin : General Latin
Songwriter and performing artist -Blues, Love, Classical, Comtemporary Christian, Pop, Christmas, Flamenco and Spanish guitar, Blues Harp, Harmonica, Acoustic, Acoustic guitar, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Hank Williams, duets, ballads, romanti..
Pop : Christmas/Seasonal
Christmas music
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About Me
Hello and Welcome..... My son Andrew has recorded his first song "DREAMIN" He has a new band page. You can find him @ Andrew Lewis Neufer Please stop by and Welcome him to Soundclick. ...................................................................................... Love is the Theme.....what makes the world go round...... I Love to travel, and have seen many far away lands, and would like to see many more......I love seeing ancient cities and castles...and seeing and learning about different cultures..... I love to play music, I love to jam and collab, I love creating new melodies and songs......music is a universal language of the soul... I love my family and friends, because they are a gift from above, so I cherish them....
New Collab - The Wedding of the Celtic Princess   A song about the wedding of a Celtic princess,
Special Thanks to Jude Law (AKA Ekaterina) for her beautiful piano and harp work.
The link to the songs is
New collab - "Honey (Kurt and Dan)"   My latest collaboration with Daniel Waite is "Honey (Kurt and Dan)" https://soundclick.com/share?songid=7689000
A Song about a special lady..... Thanks to Daniel Waite for his excellent rythem guitar and slide guitar work.
New Song - 1492 The Voyage of Columbus   I am proud to present "1492 The Voyage of Columbus".
Written by Kurt Lewis Neufer and a Progressive Rock story song about the Christopher Columbus and his voyage.
Joining Kurt in the song are Mike Marshall (AKA VMP(USA)) who sang vocals, played the bass guitar and played the part Amerigo. Jude Law (AKA Eketarina, Coconut Blues Club) who played the piano and sang vocals. Ken Sacco (AKA Sacco) who played the lead guitar solo. Kurt played the Narrator, Admiral Columbus, played 6 string guitar & hand drums and sang vocals and played, and the production and mastering. My special thanks to Mike, ...
Hey Kurty!
Ken Sacco
Merry Christmas!
Ken Sacco
Hi Kurt Hope all is well. have a Great weekend Ken
Song Of The Angels
Hi Kurty, Just checking up on folks here on SC after being mostly away for a long time. You must be proud of your son for sure for following in daddy's footsteps. He is also very talented. My best to you and your family, and Shaloam!
Kurt and family, I wish you and your family a Happy Year filled with blessings. Thank you ever so much for all your support and friendship, Hugs and Blessings, C.L
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