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Shadow The Mysterious One
The Dirty South, AL  USA
My own artist page
HipHop : Alternative Hip Hop
Gumbo Funk at its finest. A melting pot of flavor which includes, but is not limited to: R & B, Rap, Soul, Hip Hop, Remixes, Samples, Ballads, Jazz, Gospel,
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About Me
I am I produce music My music is whatever U perceive it 2 be,... Let your ears lead your imagination and take your mind on a journey. Listen without prejudice! P e a c e (universal) Peace 2 U Always Click Here 2 Access The 'Shadow Entertainment' Links Page.
What's good Shadow from philly
R rateD
Whats up Fam?? Haven't been on SC in a while.. Just really lookin to see whats good?? YOUTUBE THIS Check it Rated & Ave Freestyle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWwCqIEQScI&feature=youtube_gdata_player
whatz good Shadow the man with the golden vocice thanks http://8180backdoorradio.weebly.com/ 8180 Backdoor Radio 8180backdoorradio.weebly.com 8180 Backdoor Radio
showin luv and support... keep up wit them good stuff you making.... f*** wit a real n*** -------------trunk
get at me Shadow im onthe air again send music to 8180bdradio@gmail.com an get the radio link off of facebook
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