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grappa boy
Born on March 21, 1963.
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About Me
hehe me !!!! the most important thing in my life is music . I like to listen to the many good sounds I have a radiostation on soundclick so i can play the music in the chatroom " nederlands " on www.camfrog.com where i am an co-owner. we have a lot of users who play music for us in the room !! I like to play music of unknow'n artist so i can promote their music to the world I hope to meet you all there one day so we can talk about your music to greets grappa
wanted on camfrog !!!   you can meet me in the chatroom " nederlands " on www.camfrog.com where i am co-Owner
I hope you join us there so we can talk about your music
greets grappa
  hi all
here i am again
greets grappa
ken hutcheson
Have a wonderful New Year!
Hayley Oliver
Happy holidays Grappa, :) Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and all the very best for 2009. Peace and love Hayley
lyrikal master
Thanks for adding me to your station. Respect!!!
Hi Grappa . Uploaded some new blues since I was last here . See what you think if you get time :) Have a great weekend bud . Flats
kurt matthew
Hi Grappa63, thank's so much for adding my song to your station, It is GREATLY appriciated. Kurt Matthew:)
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