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Rich Farmer
Cincinnati, OH  USA
Born on May 15, 1924.
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Rock : Garage Rock
Rock Influenced, Electronic and Guitar Kick Assery, sir and or ma'am.
Rock : Punk
. Not really sure where to fit in, and really don't care anyway. Rock, Hard-Rock, Electronic, Blues, Jazz, Punk - I think that is what this is- You Decide
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About Me
Music is an outlet for me, if you like some of my stuff - happy to have made it for ya', if not - check back later, I'll make something else. I use SC as sort of an advanced practice tool, it has been a great help in developing new sounds and rythyms - I've also discovered a myriad of great music here - art begat art, Thanks for stopping by, drop a note if ya' can - L8r-FD
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Zup......yo   Ballad of Green Beret, on a phone....give it a whirl!
Practice Bombs!   Yo, I put a couple acoustic diddys on the play list- just a couple concept type things. More to come.
Did a quick edit   Messin around, doin some editing. Put song out, good idea but lot more work needed - give it a listen, you'll see what I mean. Nitch called, wants to do some work, sounded cool to me- hard to find the time though. Well, loved to talk-but need to go, be good or good at it.
vmp 07
Hi Rich! Wishing you and yours a great Christmas and holiday season and a very happy, creative, and musical 09!
Misty Morning
good morning its a beautiful day in my neighborhood and i hope it is in yours. i have a big pot of coffee on and listening to my "misty morning mix" station. i bet you can find some songs you like. come on over and hang out with me awhile. xoxo
vmp 07
Rich, sounding great this morning, dropped in for listens before work, "Disenfranchised" has a very cool vibe, like em all really! Have a great week ahead! Mike
A great collection of pix......I enjoyed the trip Tweak
vmp 07
Rich, thanks so much for the station add, it really means a lot to us. Keep on rockin' my friend, will stop by over the upcoming week for some listens, take care, your friends, Mike and the gang
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