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Jeni Wallwork
Tasmania, Australia
Born on October 6, 1950.
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Pop : Pop General
Im a songwriter who writes songs for others to perform or recreate. I am looking for singers/bands/publishers/producers who need new songs ready to fly!
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About Me
Welcome! I'm a songwriter who writes songs for others to perform or recreate. If you are a singer, band, publisher or production person wanting new songs, you've come to the right place. If you like any of my songs, and want to record your versions of them or put your vocals over my backing tracks, let me know, and we can get started. I'm happy for this to be an honesty based system where we both benefit from the song. If you manage to make some money from the song, then we could come to some financial arrangement. Until then I am happy for the songs to network out there for me! My songs are mainly ballads and they've won some awards with Australian, American and UK song comps. Hope you like them! Love, peace and lots of music x
Listened to "Threadbare". You have a beautiful distinctive style to your vocal performance, with an outstanding range and timbre to each note that you sing. I really enjoyed the listen. Must come back and check out more.
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