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Koz S. Kroese
Oceanside, California  USA
Born on July 18, 1946.
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About Me
My main objective is to promote unknown artists like those I find here at Soundclick. I am devoting an entire internet station to do this. I am not rich by any means and have been involved with radio all my life but the hits bore the hell out of me. Here I find some great music. Remember I am not doing this for money, it costs me money to do this. I think that some of the music I have found here goes beyond expectations and listen to Jeff Rense, He too is using your music which I produce especially for him from Sound Click Artists. Give the station www.kozmikradio.com a listen and if you like it and have something to contribute, let me know and we can go from there . Koz
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Sonic Pulse
hey koz! thanks for your message, the song A Penny For Your Thoughts should be working now. if you want use my music for your radio station go ahead, i'd be flattered. Thijs
[last edited on Mon Feb 8, 2010 @ 12:33 PM]
Great station, great performers, thnx for the opportunity to join in, Koz.. Keep it streamin' and.. keep it coming guyz :) Mo'
the derlex
thanx for adding my sound on youre radio i'm honored, when i have time i will listen to it.
thanks soo much for listening to my music and sharing it with others I didn't honestly think that they were that good and having to start over because of a glitch on the computer was not fun. *sighs* hope I can get all my music back on there soon. :D
Johan Hermansson
[last edited on Fri Oct 10, 2008 @ 10:01 AM]
Hi there! I hope everything is well on your side of the screen. Thank you for adding my songs, "Solar winds" & "Dance of the Dolphins", to your station. Your support is much appreciated. Keep well. Johan Hermansson / Dreamscapes Production
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