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Carlos Diaz
hierarchical punishment
Born on December 28, 1973.
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Metal : Death/Black Metal
Banda santista formada em 1994, aborda o estilo Grind/Death Metal. Atualmente formada por: Luiz Carlos - Vocal Leao Gazzano - Guitarra Decio Andolini - Gu
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About Me
I'm bassist of Vulcano, Mortomor, Infector and Hierarchical Punishment
Misguided Ghost
hey Diaz thanx for stopping by I may be the only girl you'll ever meet thats NOT on myspace lol so I will only get my fill of your music on Soundclick if thats alright I hope youre doing good??? thanx again ~Melisa xo
Misguided Ghost
Im so glad you sent a reQ I listened and listened to your songs! love them keep in touch ~Melisa
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