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Einar Holm
Reykjavik, Iceland
Born on November 29
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Electronic : Electronica
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Updated his about me. Jul 10
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Hi Einar! Thanks for the interest in my (now ancient) music. I'm going to put this profile on hold for now while I release some new material, but may re-master and re-release the older tunes at some point in future. If anyone wants to keep up with the new stuff please add yourself to either: https://www.facebook.com/nonfunctionalharmony/ or https://soundcloud.com/nonfunctionalharmony
Laurens Schutze
I already thought it was Rebirth where you made some last tracks with. I can regconize the old fashion synthworks and the 808 and 909 drum samples (or what was it exactly again?), but properly it never minds what program/DAW or synth vst's you're using. I use FL Studio and I can also make synths with it which sounds similar or the same like Rebirth. I have used Rebirth in 2001 for I think approximately 3 months, but since I have discovered FL Studio, I don't use Rebirth anymore because I can do a lot more with FL Studio than I could do with Rebirth, for me Rebirth have too many limitations, but I have a great huge respect that you still use Rebirth and make pretty good tracks with it. Keep it up! :)
Thank you very much for your comments. Peace
Hello EOH I wanted to thank you for adding my song Time away to your station...Peace! Bill Hutchinson
Hey!! Welcome to 5mentariosBeats.com Check my beats!! Greetings.
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