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Roby Thomas
Sterling Heights, Michigan  USA
Born on March 31, 1982.
My own artist pages
Electronic : Electronica
Tangerine Dream wanna-be.
Electronic : Ambient
Dark music for dark atmospheres, occasionally silly. (did I spell occasionally right?)
Electronic : Techno
Once Techno group turned Industrial. Residing in Detroit, Michigan.
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About Me
Getting into making electronic music again, no serious desire to learn music theory due to my busy lifestyle. I just fake it like I know it. I wrote four books but as of now, no serious commitment to another book but I'm not saying NEVER SAY NEVER. The movie Clerks has influenced my slacker attitude with my personal time.
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Hallo, another contact for DEAD SUMMER SOCIETY band: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dead-Summer-Society/140007062732886 Stay in touch!
I am calling people who enjoy my music to request my music on M4R (Musick for Riots) 88.3 FM. This show is every Saturday from 5-7PM PST. Request DEAD NUMBER 339: Redeemer, Nocturnal B, Lithograph M, or Deceased Frank by calling (951) 827-5827 or AIM: hellokucr
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