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Key West, FL  USA
Born on August 18, 1935.
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my play lists won't load   the new MP3 won;t load my play list. There is no way to scroll down the list. The player will play only the first on the list.
Some times it will music not on my list.
When I try to send an email and click on the address nothing happens.
Can someone pass this onto the beings that run Soundclick? Please.
I miss the music.
don't know if your music is being counted when I play it   still having problems with the mp3 player not loading my playlists. it will load part of playlist 3.

I have to click on each piece seperetly and then most times it won't play the whole song. so don't know if the song is being counted as being played?
help - playlists won't load   since the new mp3 player - it won't load my pg.1, pg2 lists but will load pg.3. I've tried logging out and back in. I've changed the name of pg1 to First. nothing seems to work. if I open the list and click on a single song it will play but it won't play the entire song


any suggestions? I've asked soundclick to no avail.
thanks sinzerely for this privilege, Ensho! best regards!
Thanks for the add ! :)
aaron aardvark
Thank you for adding my song "High Speed Space Warp" to your soundclick station! I live near Los Angeles. I have been to Key West 3 times, once on a cruise. I went on a snorkel tour once at Key West. I came across a 4' long Reef Shark at least twice, I swam towards him as he slowly pulled away. The second time I did this, he did a 180 degree turn and swam toward me. I started swimming backwards, but I knew I would not out-swim him. He passed harmlessly below me, but that got my heart going! Guess he was just checking me out.
Thanks Eshno for adding my song!! :)
Thank you very much for adding my song "Ledslight". Wish you a very good Christmas time. Greetings from Belgium, Alexander.
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