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Trevor Bamford
kirkby In Ashfield, United Kingdom
Born on September 5, 1960.
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Rock : Goth Rock
Post punk, Urban Gothic with Death Rock influences.
Rock : Goth Rock
We are a Gothic evolved, Satanic industrial alternative band. Like no other you have EVER heard! Really!
Rock : Goth Rock
Classic 90's Electro Goth
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Lloyds Bank Hates Goths?   Lloyds Bank Hates Goths?

Lloyds Bank Hates Goths?

(Warning, this is a long blog post)

When you reach a certain age, and you are still involved in what many people consider to be a "youth movement" (namely the Gothic subculture), you have usually got to your position in life because of what is inside your head and heart, and not because of your hairstyle or length, or the clothes that you choose to wear. You get the usual chav insults on a day to day basis, but you expect that for all the usual and many sociological and conformist cultural arguments that have been mentioned many times, in ...
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