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Alessandra Almannie
Born on February 28, 1985.
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Contemplating right and wrong
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About Me
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Some more of my new writing   A dream

A flying feathered beauty

For her, love is always out of reach

Dream is too big

Not wanting to hold her own broken heart

She lets it fall into a fluffy cloud

All that's left is her mind and her spirit

Travelling onward continuously

Spirals in the air to feel the wind in her hair

An angel that doesn't know of happiness

Only knows well of their hurt and longing nature

Crying out in the night sky

Make it right, oh please make it right

Before she withers away there is one last light

Perhaps it is hope

She looks around and she realizes that everyone around her is ...
My writing   To the ends of this Earth

Just when I thought it was pointless

My life had a rebirth

The way I feel for you I must confess

I wander just to hear your voice

My heart was empty for a moment

If you really care then I have a choice

Here wishing that I could finally be content

A King you would be and I your Queen

Anywhere you'd go I'd be by your side

All our adventures I'd never forseen

Supporting you one hundred percent, I'd be your loving guide

Your star would never burn out in this world

Everywhere people will know your name

Free civilization of its terrible fate and sadness

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :D
Hi Alessandra! Nice to meet you! Many thanks for adding me to your circle of friends! Appreciate it! I wish you a happy & wonderful weekend and best of everything. Keep in touch Lovetrance
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Hi, Thanks for adding me as a friend...i like your poetry...i suppose i have a weakness for it...i like to write too, www.aplace4sum.com (but if you do take the time to look, please beware--my webpage is very primitive)...also i peeked at your myspace...i like what you have to say ethnomusicsoligist is way cool, good luck in school...i'm currently in school too...(Economics) on a last note. i really like the blue hair... Take care! :D
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Alessandra cheer, a so long time far the web was a punition for me cause i could'nt visit sdk's friends for a while. So seeing your pict, i felt to ask you how are you doing? Life in Philadelphia is it ok ? Thought to my life on the road when Mlle Sandrine talks about ten hours in a bus... Still enjoy your poetry, friendship and fine stations. Keep in touch :) PS,last uploads: Samba-rock on my profile, NOiD in Phantom of Paradise's . Feedback welcome ;)
Vlad Germany
Great Music, i like it! Greetz Vlad
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